DateEvent Details
16-07-2022[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk Infrastructure End to End Security
29-06-2022[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk Dynamic Malware Analysis – Behavior and Hunting
18-06-2022[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk CDR Analysis
30-04-2022[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk Satellite Navigation: Navigation through Indian Constellation
02-04-2022 Academia Industry Meet - 2022 (AIM-2022)
21-01-2022[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk Cyber Law, Policies and Compliance
08-01-2022[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk IoT Practical Examples to Interact with Physical World
04-01-2022[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk Fundamentals of Machine Learning and its Applications in Decision Making
01-01-2022[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk
Network Security and Research Opportunities
18-12-2021 Visit to Cyber Crime Cell Ahmedabad City
02-12-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk IP Protection Process in India and Overseas
30-10-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. Importance of Data Structures in Data Science

2. Networking Fundamentals with Security Tools
18-10-2021 Cyber Safety and Security Awareness Workshop
16-10-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. Python Programming in Data Science

2. Cyber attacks & its security
17-07-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk
Operating System-Level Vulnerabilities and Cyber Security Threats
10-07-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk
Malware Analysis and Research
09-07-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk
Embedded Wireless Technology
06-07-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk
Wireless Sensor Nodes and IoT Product Design Cycle
03-07-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk
Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based Signal Processing in Railways Applications
29-05-2021 Faculty Industrial Induction Program at Harsha Engineers, Ahmedabad
29-05-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. Web Appliation Security

2. Digital Transformation using IoT (Internet of Things)
06-03-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. Research Scope at ISRO in the field of Communication and Computer Science

2. Constitution of India & Privacy Laws

3. Email Analytics with Machine Learning
20-02-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talk
Digital Transformations through Data Science
06-02-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. Resume Building

2. Designing of RF Filters using CST Studio Suite 2021

3. Life Cycle of Data Science Project
30-01-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. Various Funding Sources for PG Students

2. Software Security

3. Recent Technology & Trends in Optical Networks

4. Role of Data Structure in Data Science

[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. INFLIBNET Services to Learners (Higher Education): MoE initiatives, e-Resources, PDC, etc. Lifestyle

2. Applications of Z-transforms to Solve the Difference Equations in Discrete Mathematics

3. Virtual & Hybrid Networking in Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

4. Overview of Statistical Tools in Research & Data Analysis and Introduction to MINITAB

05-01-2021Online Orientation Program on Android Development with Kotlin - Train The Trainer organized by GTU in association with Google India
02-01-2021[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. Significance of Universal Human Values to Make a Better Lifestyle
2. Python for Pen testing and Digital Forensics
3. Microwave-Millimetre Wave to THz Instrumentation for Tokamak Plasmas
4. Python for Data Science
19-12-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Expert Talks
1. Technical Report Writing using LaTeX Tool
2. Role of Digital Forensics in Investigation-A Case Study Tool
3. Various Network Security-Trends, Preventions & Tools
4. Data Classification with Naive Bayes
15-11-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#13 Know Your Equipment - Transformer
07-11-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#12 Understanding of Antennas for 5G Technology using CST Studio Suite
31-10-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#11 Research and Development in 5G and IoT Network by using NetSim tool
24-10-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#10 Data Visualization with Python Matplotlib
17-10-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#9 Global Navigation Satellite System
10-10-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#8 Malware Analysis- Secret of Reverse Engineering
03-10-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#7 Data Transformation with Pandas Series and Pandas Data Frames
26-09-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#6 Wearable Antenna
19-09-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#5 Video Signal Watermarking - Giving Credit to Original Creator of Video by Protecting the Unauthorized Use
12-09-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#4 Performing Statistical Operations With Python Numpy
05-09-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#3 Working with N-dimensional Arrays and Performing Statistical Operations with Python Numpy Package
29-08-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#2 Know How Blockchain is Changing Your World
22-08-2020[Skill Enhancement Program Series] Webinar#1 Introduction to Data Analytics Techniques & Python
15-04-2019Industrial Visit at e-Infochips Private Limited
12-07-2018Seminar on Internet of Things (IoT) and Its Future Scope
DatePast Event Detail
28-06-2022Short Term Training Program (STTP) on "Cyber Security Trends in IoT and Data Science"
07-04-2022Visit to Andhjan Mandal (Blind People Association)
01-01-2022Short Term Training Program (STTP) on "Implementation of Internet of Things Application using Machine Learning and Deep Learning"
28-12-2021Short Term Training Program (STTP) on "Cyber challenges for Industry 4.0"
09-10-2021AICTE Sponsored Online Faculty Development Program on "Internet of Things and its Applications"
20-02-2021Online STTP on "Python for Pen testing and Web Application Security”
03-02-2021Online STTP on "Cyber Security Threats and Safeguards”
04-01-2021Online STTP on "Digital Forensic: Present Trends and Future Opportunities”
10-11-2020Online Faculty Development Program on "Cyber Forensic Investigation and Ethical Hacking”
17-10-2020Online Faculty Development Program on "Data Mining and Security with Machine Learning”
03-10-2020Online Five-Day Faculty Development Program On “Network Security”
21-09-2020Online Faculty Development Program on “Internet of Things with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”
05-09-2020Online Five Days FDP on "Blockchain Technology: Challenges and Opportunities"
09-12-2019Faculty Development Program AICTE approved and sponsored "Universal Human Values for Student Induction"
16-12-2019Faculty Development Workshop on Machines Learning and Deep Learning
02-12-2019Expert Session on Python Programming Organised by GTU and Association with VODAFONE (Bombay)
24-09-2019Cyber Safety and Security Awareness Week
12-09-2019Celebration of Universal Brotherhood Day ("Vishwa Bandhutva Diwas") and the Engineer's Day
05-08-2019Faculty Development Program on Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
20-06-2019Israel Summer Program for Students
08-06-2019FDP on "Application of Linux Fundamentals in building Data Analytics and Machine Learning"
18-02-2019FDP on Ethical Hacking and Forensic Investigation
16-07-2018FDP on Cybercrime and Challenges in Cyber Security


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