Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science

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About Program


By use of various web-based and mobile-based applications, voluminous data is generated. Hence, it becomes challenging task to handle these data and most importantly to understand the data. Looking at the current and futuristic trends, there will be demand of data science experts who can understand the nature of data, analyze the data and take result-oriented decisions after analysis of the data. This program is for students who are interested in developing skills in data science and data analytics.


During one year of program the students will learn insights of subjects like Machine Learning, Programming in Python, Blockchain Technology, Big Data Analytics, Data Analysis using R, Cloud Computing etc.


After acquiring the skills from this program, the candidates can be employed as

(1) Data Engineer who is responsible for creating the infrastructure for collating data from various sources, cleaning it, transforming it and storing it so that it can be used by other people in the team.
(2) Data Scientist whose work typically starts where the job of data engineer ends. He is responsible for extracting insights from the data using various tools & techniques, producing basic data visualizations and reporting dashboards
(3) Machine Learning Engineer who is responsible for analyzing data using data preparation and cleaning techniques, statistical/predictive analytics techniques and interpreting the statistical output (hypothesis testing, ANOVA, regression (linear, logistic), clustering, time series, decision trees, naive bayes and many more), machine learning techniques, etc.




1 year (2 semesters)


Tuition Fee


Rs.12,500 per semester




30 students




Recognized bachelor degree in any branch of engineering OR

Recognized bachelor degree in science stream with mathematics subject OR

Recognized degree in Master of Computer Application (MCA) OR

Recognized degree in M.Sc. (IT)


Major Focused Subjects


  • Machine Learning
  • Programming in Python
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Analysis using R
  • Cloud Computing


Job Opportunities


A role of Data Analyst/Engineer in small/large scale or MNC company depending on the skills acquired during the program.


Salient Features of Program


  • Run by PG school of state government university.
  • Run in GTU-Chandkheda campus.
  • Guided by senior academicians and industry experts in capacity of advisors.
  • Guest lectures by various industry experts.
  • Hostel facility is available in campus.


Frequently Asked Questions

Subject codeSubject NameCategorySemesterTheory HoursPractical HoursCreditContinuous Evaluation Marks (Internal)University Theory Exam Marks
University Practical Exam Marks
Total Marks
1618001Data Structures and Algorithm - 1425307050150
1618002Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis-1425307050150
1618003Fundamentals of Machine Learning-1425307050150
1618004Introduction to Python Programming-1265305070150
1628001Software Tools for Data Management-206330070100
1628002Cloud Computing-2425307050150
1628003Big Data Analytics-2425307050150
1628004Mini Project-204230070100
1628005Blockchain TechnologyElective2425307050150
1628006Deep LearningElective2425307050150
1628007Natural Language ProcessingElective2425307050150
1628008Business AnalyticsElective2425307050150

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Lab Assistant


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