KANASH – Reflection of GTU-SET Activities (Newsletter)


Issue 4 (October-2023 to December-2023) [PDF]

Issue 3 (July-2023 to September-2023) [PDF]

Issue 2 (April-2023 to June-2023) [PDF]

Issue 1 (January-2023 to March-2023) [PDF]


Issue 4 (October-2022 to December-2022) [PDF]

Issue 3 (July-2022 to September-2022) [PDF]

Issue 2 (April-2022 to June-2022) [PDF]

Issue 1 (January-2022 to March-2022) [PDF]


Issue 4 (October-2021 to December-2021) [PDF]

Issue 3 (July-2021 to September-2021) [PDF]

Issue 2 (April-2021 to June-2021) [PDF]

Issue 1 (January-2021 to March-2021) [PDF] [FLIP BOOK]


Issue 1 (July-2020 to September-2020) [PDF] [FLIP BOOK]

Issue 2 (October-2020 to December-2020) [PDF] [FLIP BOOK]

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