Frequently asked questions and their answers


1. What this program is about?


This program is to educate and prepare the students with data management and data analytics skills. It will provide theory and practical knowledge about statistics, data analysis, decision making and machine learning. By numerous volumes of data generated by use of various web-based and mobile-based applications, it becomes very difficult to handle the data. Looking at the current and futuristic trends, there is demand of experts who can understand the nature of data, analyse the data and take result-oriented decisions after analysis of data. The analytical skills are founded primarily in the disciplines of statistics and computer science, and this program draws heavily on these two disciplines, with the objective of producing trained professionals with these skills.


2. What are job opportunities after completing this program?


After successful completion of this program, candidate can play a role of Data Analyst/Engineer/Scientist in small/large scale or MNC company or in public sector undertakings depending on the skills acquired during the program.

Data Analyst

There are companies where being a data scientist is synonymous with being a data analyst. It consists of tasks like pulling data out of SQL databases, becoming an Excel or Tableau master, and producing basic data visualizations and reporting dashboards, etc.

Data Engineer

Data Engineer is the person responsible for creating the infrastructure for collating data from various sources, cleaning it, transforming it and storing it so that it can be used by other people in the team. The work includes (but is not limited to) connecting various data sources, understanding how the information gets captured and whether the hardware and the software can support the business requirements.

Data Scientist

The work for data scientist typically starts where the job of data engineer ends. A data scientist is responsible for extracting insights from the data using various tools and techniques.


3. What about the admission process in this program?


This program is having an intake of 30 students. The admission process is carried out by GTU. The applications are invited by online mode from interested and eligible (check the eligibility criteria at: candidates. GTU may conduct the entrance exam of candidates who have applied in this program. If it is conducted then it’s detail will be published on website mentioned earlier. A merit list is prepared based on the result of qualifying exam and/or result of entrance exam. Based on the merit list, candidates are admitted in this program. Reservation on seats is as per state government policy.


4. What about the fees in this program?


Tuition fee = Rs.12,500/- per semester
University enrolment fee = Rs.300/- one time after admission
University exam fee = Rs.150/- per subject per exam
Convocation fee = Rs.500/-

  Above is present fee structure and may be revised by university.

5. How the fees are to be deposited?


All fees are to be deposited online through State Bank Collect interface:

Once can use credit card, debit card, online banking or payment gateways for payment of fees.


6. Where are the theory and practical classes conducted?


Theory and practical classes are conducted at GTU-Graduate School of Engineering and Technology, Chandkheda campus.


7. What is the uniqueness of this program at GTU?


Demanding course in market at affordable fees to a common man of society. As there will be tremendous work in the field of data science in near future, the students having the skills in this field will quickly get employment. Being a government university, it is our primary duty to prepare the competent and skilled manpower in such field at affordable fees and offering this program of PG Diploma in Data Science is one of the steps.

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