• Our vision is to deliver research to inform and innovate. By providing the best environment, support and networks for our nation, from research students to senior academics, we will deliver research excellence.
  • To have indigenous capability in terms of basic and fundamental research, developing technologies and solutions, need to protect critical infrastructure, complexities involved in securing Information, communication networks, cyber and other infrastructure


  • Focus on Capacity building in the area of Information Security to address the human resource requirement of the country.
  • To protect our national critical infrastructure from cyber related threats.
  • To learn advanced practices and management techniques from faculty who are practitioners in the industry, and to integrate real-world applied research into their graduate education.


  • Make our operations transparent and acceptable to all stakeholders.
  • To provide quality education, training, vocation and research facilities to our students.
  • To continuously organize and manage Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Seminars and Conferences.
  • Affiliate and Coordinate with Colleges for an effective education delivery mechanism.
  • Timely and efficient conduct of the Examination process.
  • To facilitate student’s placements into suitable and meaningful careers and future of their choice.